Nominee Identification Tool

This electronic nominee book with daily updates allows you to identify relationships from raw share register nominee account data.

The Nominee Identification Tool is a next-generation web version of the former Nominee Book. It contains 387,000 Nominee Accounts built from Argus Vickers' comprehensive Section 793 enquiries and provides for the quick and dynamic identification of:

  • Registration Details
  • Account Designations
  • Fund Managers
  • Beneficial Owners

A user-friendly web-based tool, the Nominee Identification Tool gives clear and easy access to Registration Details and Account Designations, which help identify the relationship to Fund Managers and the Beneficial Owners.

The Nominee Identification Tool is flexible and easy to use. It allows you to cross-reference between the four key searchable items and displays the relevant account designation(s). This service is updated daily and the price of it varies depending on the number of queries made each quarter. A subscription fee schedule is available upon request.

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