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One place, all the information. Our web-based platform is a leading share-register analysis system with over 2000 listed companies, showing registered holders, beneficial owners and fund-manager interest together with purchases and sales history. We provide investor portfolios as well as investor and peer group comparisons.

This powerful, user-friendly web tool allows you to access both analysis and company information. We update between 200 and 250 companies every week as a part of our goal to be the most up-to-date equity ownership system in the UK. Once you've found the information that is relevant to you, it can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and the most recent reports can then be identified very easily.

Market Coverage

Comprehensive market coverage, involving all the companies listed and quoted on the LSE, AIM and ISE markets.

Update Cycle

Some 450+ companies are updated on a monthly basis and the rest of our database has a turnaround cycle of three months. You can select companies to be analysed on a monthly basis to suit your individual needs.

The Accuracy

With 23 years of experience and authorization from many public limited companies to make Section 793 enquiries under the UK Companies Act 2006, Argus Vickers offers a vast database of accurate intelligence. With reporting to a threshold of 0.1% (or lower upon request) of the issued share capital, we strive to provide depth and quality of information.

The Human Touch

Uniquely, The Owners Service provides clients with the ability to discuss share movements directly with the Argus Vickers data intelligence team.


We offer a very clear and easy to use system with the ability to download data automatically to a spreadsheet format for further manipulation, graphical analysis or internal transmission.


Benefit from the ability to search by Company, Fund Manager or Beneficial Owner. Compare ownership of Peer Companies and Fund Managers, and Access the equity ownership of some 2,000 delisted, aquired and merged companies.

Pricing Structure

We offer aggressive pricing in the shareholder-information marketplace, with a particular focus on per-user pricing.

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