About Argus Vickers

Incorporated in August 1993, Argus Vickers has a unique share register analysis methodology that ensures a high level of data integrity within our industry. This makes us a market leader in reporting equity ownership of all the UK and Irish Public Limited Companies and Limited Companies traded on the LSE, AIM and ISE markets.

Due to the extensive knowledge we have in the market, we are able to source the data ourselves and maintain the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive collection of beneficial ownership analysis.

We have a team of data analysts based on-site at the UK’s leading registrars, enabling us to provide same-day analysis on request and check movement in Nominee holdings.

Our reports, website and data-feed products provide clarity to identify shareholders and their behaviour, as well as the ability to identify new sources of capital and expand your investor base by being able to spot holders, buyers and sellers.

Argus Vickers services and information are used by many Public Limited Companies and Investment Banks and particularly by Equity Sales/Traders; Buy-Side analysts; Corporate Finance Departments; M&A Entities; Sell-Side Analysts at Brokers; and Investor Relations Consultants.

Clients of Argus Vickers benefit from our 23 years of data collection experience, the superior quality of our analysis, our competitive pricing structure and our willingness and ability to create personalized bespoke reports.

We take great pride in providing superior customer support, including direct telephone/email consultations with our Analysts and regular client-update meetings with our Business Developers – all designed to ensure a close relationship with our clients and a complete understanding of their individual needs.

Argus Vickers Overview

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