Share Register Analysis

From our Head Office in London and with staff located at registrars nationwide, we produce an equity share-register analysis system which contains comprehensive and timely UK and Irish share-ownership information. Indeed, Public Limited Companies and many Limited Companies are analysed on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending upon client requirements.

The detailed information we provide discloses:

  • Registered Name - including Nominee names and Account Designations;
  • Senior Manager and Fund Manager - including the number and percentage of shares controlled; and
  • Beneficial Owner - the actual owners of the stock who have voting rights.
  • The coverage is typically between 80% to 95% of a company's issued share capital, but can be as complete as a 100% if required. The reports contain fundamental information such as the issued share capital, market capitalisation, the registrar, geographical location for both the manager and beneficial holders, investor type, history of five previous cycles and sector and market weightings.

The depth and breadth of coverage (of ordinary stock of LSE, AIM companies, Investment Trusts and their Irish equivalents) and analysis methodology is designed to provide the highest possible level of accuracy and completeness and to avoid any 'double counting' of share holdings.

If you are a broker that wishes to white label our analysis or incorporate the data within your research, simply give us a call to find out how.

Argus Vickers Share Register Analysis Sample Report Download A Sample Report

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