Section 793 Service

For many companies and their advisors, highly accurate and timely Intelligent Shareholder Analysis with the benefit of Section 793 saves valuable time in solicitation paperwork. Argus Vickers undertakes these solicitations on behalf of many Public Limited Companies and Limited Companies under their Articles of Association. Our reports can also be white labelled with the logo of a company or a broker and delivered in PDF and Excel format.

Our team of analysts can:

  • Incorporate Section 793 response documentation for inclusion in your Section 808 register;
  • Give details of any unusual share movements;
  • Administer your Section 808 register for compliance requirements.

The report content shows:

  • Summary Page, Graphical and Tabular Presentation of Top Ten Holders
  • Top Five Recent Buyers and Top Five Recent Sellers.
  • Fund Manager Holdings & Net Change Report
  • Fund Manager Holdings & History Report
  • Fund Manager & Beneficial Owners Holdings
  • Geographical Breakdowns of Fund Manager and Beneficial Owners
  • Investor Type Identification
  • Non-Holder Reports
  • Weightings Reports
  • Peer Group Analysis Reports
  • Common Holders

Section 808 Service

Under The Companies Act 2006, the Section 808 law allows responses to be kept off-site and in an electronic format, Argus Vickers provides a Section 808 register service which has been designed to take the job of dealing with the administration of Section 793 responses and the register of interest (under Section 808) away from busy Public Limited Company executives.

The service covers the provisions of The Companies Act 2006 Section 811 (2) and ensures the maintenance of a Public Limited Company's register of interest in electronic format in a secure, password-protected environment.

Argus Vickers Section 793 Services

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